Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell is responsible for the creation of several high profile online businesses including Think Partnership Inc, Cherish Inc and and was the head technology officer for,,, and Playing a lead role in building high profile online businesses is what Scott Mitchell is best known for.


Scott Mitchell was born and raised in Chicago. Scott was an advanced student in junior high school. It was decided he would skip high school and go to college (university). By the time Scott was 21, he had reached the astonishing achievement of three masters degrees and two bachelor degrees.

Scott Mitchell occupied an important leadership role in Internet based businesses for more than a decade.

He began working at Arthur Andersen as a technology consultant and quickly was quickly promoted through the ranks until he become the youngest aged Associate Partner in Arthur Andersen’s history.

He left Arthur Andersen after completing a $25 Million dollar project for America Online (AOL) to become Chief Technology Officer of, helping to make it into one of the leading internet music destination networks.

After selling to for $180M in 1999, Scott Mitchell started, the online presence for Home Shopping Network(HSN). Home Shopping Networks two previous e-commerce (web shops) initiatives failed.

Scott Mitchell in under two years built from nothing into a $250M revenue a year business. In early 2002, Mitchell decided to focus most of his efforts on an internet dating website he created, Cherish.

In late 2004, Mitchell merged Think Partnership and Cherish, currently he is CEO and President of ThinkPartnership.

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