David Kim

We all wish that we could become rich or at least come into enough money to be able to live comfortably without worrying about how we are going to pay the electric bill next month. But how many of us have the determination to go out there and make a lot of money? So, not surprising, the people that do have that determination to go after their dreams and make them become a reality are the ones with the money. Sometimes people start a business just from their desire to help others, not realizing that this desire will bring them millions. This is the case with David Kim. He had a desire to tutor kids. It was a real passion of his that ended up making him millions.

He lives in Georgia. He attended Harvard in 1997. This is where he started his passion for tutoring younger kids. He felt like he could relate to them and he was really able to help them improve in all areas. He realized that there were not many places that these kids could go to get tutoring. So this is where the idea for starting a business in tutoring started.

He wasted no time in getting this dream started. He started hiring tutors and it was off. He was surprised at how fast the tutoring business took off. He named the business C2 Education. When he saw how great the business was doing, he started offering franchise opportunities. He only offered it to people that truly understood his motives and reasons for the business. He wanted people to understand that the company was not just about making money that the services that they were offering would affect every kid that asked for help. It would help path the future of that person. As of today there are 40 locations of C2 Education and 112 are franchises.

One of the things that he makes sure when hiring tutors for his company, is that he expects excellence. All people that he considers hiring for the company must go through some pretty tough academic, personality and teaching tests. He has some top people working for him, with very high degrees from top-notch schools.

When he was asked when he knew he had made it, he answered very modestly, that he did not feel like he had made it yet. He feels success with every kid that they help. He says that this was what was important when he started the business and that is what is still important to this day.

The advice that he gives to other people wanting to start their own business is to have confidence and determination. Be prepared to work long hours and get right in there and get the job done.

He is now worth close to 50 million dollars, for sure a millionaire in his own right. But maybe what he does, helping kids to be better prepared for their futures, makes him more of a rich man then any other person in the world.

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