Chris Lighty

There are plenty of ways to make a million dollars out there but finding the way and making a million dollars seem to be two different things.  Sometimes it just takes being in the right place at the right time.  It takes luck.  However, it also takes dedication to an ideal and the determination to succeed at all costs.  Some have that driving force that separates them from the rest.  That never-ending desire to accomplish the goal regardless of the sacrifice that has to be made.  Chris Lighty is one of those people.  He is one of the unfortunately precious few that becomes millionaires at a very young age.  How did he do it?  Read on.

He started from the bottom up.  He began his journey to riches by toting boxes of records.  That is right he was carrying them, not making them.  That was his big break in the industry of music.  He realized from the very start that he wanted to spend his workday in a luxurious office not as a box carrier.  He had a knack for management.  After all, his mom had entrusted in him the responsibility of making sure his younger family members got off to school and back all right.  Sometimes that can take some heavy management skills.  He grew up in Bronx, New York and the decade of the 80’s introduced the world and him to a little known music called rap.  Rap and hip-hop engulfed the young man and he knew he had found his way.

Through hard work and persistence in 1990 he was able to create Violator.  Not just another record company Violator also comprised of a marketing group and artist management.  He also created the Brand Asset Group with the Warner Music Group. He was able to really shine in the area of placing artists with various brands to create magic.  Some solid artists have called Violator home from Macy Gray to LL Cool J.   He has not stopped there however.  He is involved in film deals and television opportunities that will expand his horizon.  He has been able to think outside the box and be creative in his business approach.  There is no doubt in his mind that his persistence paid off.

Just a few years ago his two company’s had made 11 million collectively.  That is a far cry from the change he made carrying records in crates years before.  He is proof that hard work and determination can pay off.  He became a millionaire in his 20’s and plans to make many more.  But it is not just about the money.  It is about the ability to express a dream and watch it come into reality.  He did not set around and dream about become a young millionaire entrepreneur, he went out and became one.  He has come a long way since his young days in the Bronx but he has never forgotten those a long the way that helped him get there.

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