Alijan Ibragimov

It is hard for most of us to imagine being a millionaire, nevertheless a billionaire. The average guy in the world today is struggling to keep his head above water. Working from payday to pay day. When most of us hear about someone being rich, we think they are some lucky people. But is it luck? Or is it something more? Yes, some people are lucky enough to be born into money. Yes, some are lucky enough to inherit money. But there are a lot of millionaires and billionaires out there, who have earned every cent they have. They have either invested wisely, started a company that has done very well or maybe even come with a product that has done very well. A lot of it may depend on what part of the country that they live in. Some businesses do better in different parts of the world.

These people are all entrepreneurs. They are people who have had a dream of some kind. They were determined to not let their dream die. They had faith and belief in their dreams and did not let anyone or anything stop them. I am sure that they may have had people tell them they were crazy or it is never going to work. But a great entrepreneur only listens to what he feels. He will work out the kinks and proceed in what he believes. These people are self-made. And the person that we are talking about in this article is definitely a man with all of this. This man is Alijan Ibragimov.

So what did he do that made him a billionaire?  Him and a couple guys that were not only business partners but also friends constructed a metal and mining empire in Kazakhstan. This was in the 1990’s. But eventually they brought together a bunch of businesses in 2006. He was born and raised in a neighboring Kyrgyzstan. Both of these places are in central Asia. He is co-owner of Eurasian National Resources Corporation. It is the biggest generator of ferrochrome. One of the ingredients for stainless steel. Eurasian National Resources Corporation is one the biggest businesses in Kazakhstan. They have over 67,000 employees. A year ago they produced an 800 million dollar profit.

One of the things that may have helped them business do so well is the close friendship that the three partners have. They are very close as are their families. Alijan is married and has 6 children all of them are boys. Both of his partners are also family men. And the three of them are often seen vacationing together. The only difference being is their religion. He is a devout Muslim. And Machkevich is Jewish. They are all three in agreement that family is very important.

He is without a doubt, a billionaire. He is worth over 1.2 billion dollars. And that is to this day, that number is sure to jump before it is all over with.

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