Adi Saravanan

Believe it or not millionaires do not grow on trees.  They are actually quite hard to come by.  However, they do exist.  Millionaires are not a myth.  They make their millions in various ways.  Some inherit it from their family.  Others make it the hard way they earn it.  Some earn it by being famous movie actors.  Some are famous entertainers. Some sign million dollar sports contracts and yet others are simply outstanding entrepreneurs who followed a dream.  Adi Saravanan is one of the latter.  He is an Accountant by trade and a very clever one at that.  He certainly had a head for finance and it would lay the foundation before him that would lead to extreme financial success.

It did not take him long to find prospering job positions in finance.  He landed a sound position where he marketed the service of financial items for Sanmar Financial Ltd.  He also found great success working in the Accounting and Treasury Department with Ashok Leyland Finance Ltd.  These positions called upon his passion for finance and earned him much respect and admiration in the business community.  He has come a long way since earning his Engineering degree from the University of Bharathiyar and earning his Degree from the University of Periyar in Business and Finance Mgmt.  He worked long and hard to earn his BA and Masters but it all paid off for him in the end.  It has paid off to the tune of making him a millionaire.

His progress in the world of finance in the information technology field has been enlightening.  So much so that he was able to co-found Allsec Technologies.  He holds the position of President there and leans on his entrepreneurial spirit to develop creative ways to enhance the operation.  He offers strategically sound financial wisdom that is hard to find anywhere in the market.  He continues to prove over and over again that education is only one of the key factors in success.  It also takes that entrepreneur attitude that is a driving force for success.  It takes passion and persistence and he has plenty to go around.

Ever since he co-founded Allsec over 11 years ago he has done nothing but improve the overall situation of the business for profit organization.  His company continues to offer outstanding technical support and financial services that are beyond imagination.  His company expands across many horizons from payroll options to web solutions.  His financial services extend from retail to the health care industry.  Although much of his success has been in India and the Philippines he is in the process of expanding his services to the USA and the United Kingdom.  He has faced adversity and overcome the obstacles that business entails and is all the better for it.  He is a true self made millionaire and one of the growing number of entrepreneurs that have obtained success through unlimited passion and dedication to a dream.

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