Sam Walton

Sam Walton was born in 1918 the depression era. Living on a farm they owned until 1923 when they realized they could not make enough profits. The start to many of Sam’s accomplishments came into focus when he was in 8th grade and became the youngest Eagle scout in state history.

Sam was a good athlete, even though he was not great in class work outside of sports he still made it to the honor role with lots of hard work. He played sports in high school. He later attended the University of Missouri. He worked vary hard to stay in college.

Sam worked in DuPont at JcPenny’s than resigned to await being drafted into the Army. While waiting he met his future wife who lived in Claremore. They met, and a year later was married. The next year they had their first child. Over the next few years few years they had a few more children until they had a girl in 1949.

After Sam Walton got out of the Army he borrowed money from his father-in-law and used money he saved to open a store. Using his head Sam purchased another store before finalizing his sale to his landlord. He made a large profit from his other store. After the sale finalized him and his family moved. He than opened another store 20 miles south of Bentonville named like the other Walton 5&10 although it was not with the Ben Franklin franchise. He hired a gentleman to run the second store but did not neglect it at all.

Sam opened several more stores over the years. He had 16 different stores based on his ideas. These ideas developed into Walmart. Walmart opened in 1962 becoming the number one retailer. Because of Walmart more than 600,000people have jobs. Walmart is running according to Sam’s beliefs.

Walmart’s knack for convenience shopping at an affordable price has made it a highly productive business. Sam was the kind of man who cared about easing spending for consumers and this surely aided in his success.

He has done a great deal with his life. He worked with three main people on his business. He worked with his brother, father-in-law, and brother-in-law. To tell you a few of Sam’s values there is hometown identity, each person is warmly greeted, a high school senor gets greeted with a collage scholarship from each Wal-mart, the worker decide where to donate to, and the prices are low.

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