Michael Dell

Born in Houston, Texas Michael married Susan Lieberman and had two children with her. In light of his work he would tell his employee’s his daughter would say “kill the competition”. This was always seen with humor among his business relations.

Dell sent an inquiry for information on obtaining his High-School equivalency diploma at eight years old. This was a clear sign that he was not an average child but one who was ambitious and eager for success. In his younger years, as a delivery boy, he wanted new customers so he gave a two week free trial and made follow-up phone calls after the two week trial was up this made him a sizable income. Even from his dorm room he was profiting.

As a freshman in college he began PC’s unlimited out of a storefront. This made him the youngest CEO in history. PC’s Unlimited had 30 employees and introduced Turbo PC its own model in 1985. His company was soon bringing in thirty million. Dell Computer was birthed from PC’s unlimited in 1987.

Sales reached one hundred fifty-nine million within the first four years. After it’s fifth year, two billion. What made Dell change its strategy was a stock price slump from which a new Dell computer called the Latitude XP Laptop was developed. After the change stocks went from $0.39 to $80.00 a 20,000% increase in shares.

Dell did a lot to make sure he did all he could to maintain the security of his company.  He hired executives with records that were proven. He reorganized and put Mort Topfer in charge of running Dell. One prized incentive of the company is convenience. By calling a toll free number you can request your made-to-order Dell computer within 36 hours.

Most sales of Dell computers are to businesses and enthusiasts instead of first-time users.  A lot of their revenue is gained from Toyota. Dell manufactures computer units it has already sold which saves Dell a lot of costs because it does not need a warehouse to stock already made computers in. Dell surpassed his goal to have a billion-dollar-a-year company enterprise.

“The driving force of computers is Dell Computer”, said Fortune magazine. Internet Week reported that Dell had topped twelve billion in Dell revenues. Michael Dell hopes to exceed being a CEO for years to come. If his past replicates his future there is little doubt that achieving this goal will come easily to him.

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