Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban started off by buying computer items including the National System Integrator that was sold to CompuServe in 1983 called MicroSolutions. The other is a called a website for multimedia and streaming on internet which he sold to Yahoo! in 1999.

Cuban worked with a fellow University student named Todd Wagner. Cuban and Todd worked on many different projects together most of which were successful. They worked on projects like and 2929 entertainment. Through that adventure they bought Landmark Theatres. They brought back a new and improved Star Search on CBS.

Cuban also owned Ice Rocket, a search engine. Cuban partnered with Red Swoosh which delivered high media in video and software.

Distributed by 2929 entertainment was the movie Bubble by Cuban’s production.  Cuban was supposed to have his own radio station but it was never finalized. Cuban is the significant reason the Mavericks have turned around. Cuban has helped the team Cuban also wears maverick memorabilia to the games. In equal amounts Cuban matched charity donations with NBA fines. In the future, Cuban is interested in buying another team, the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguin’s.

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