Maria Peevey

Do you ever wonder why some people struggle all their lives to just keep their head above waters and some people make millions of dollars?  Maybe they were raised in the same town, same state, same schools but one is destined to be poor all their lives while the other goes on to make millions. But there could be a very good reason for this. Everyone has dreams, but some people have the determination to carry out those dreams and make them work. Maria Peevey is one of these people. She grew up knowing what she wanted out of life and she went for it. Her determination paid off and now she is one of the world’s millionaires.

She was born in the Bay area. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to own her own company. She was not sure yet what she wanted it to be, but she knew she would follow her dreams. She considered herself a little strange as a young girl. While other kids wanted dolls for Christmas, she asked for office supplies.

After college she worked in a marketing firm. She had a bad breakup with her boyfriend. A friend sent her weekly uplifting cards. This was where she got the idea for the greeting card business. She started the business in 1999. They were greeting cards with cute sayings, sayings that had meaningful quotes. Usually things that woman say to another woman. The business was called Simply She’s. It took off very well, and the cards were eventually sold in about 23 countries and in 8000 boutiques.

But she did not stop there. She had the awareness as a pet owner herself, to see that people were pampering their pets more and more. Especially with people whom kids had all left home and they began to see their pets as substitutes. She came up with the idea to produce pet wear. Fancy collars and shirts and so on for dogs. But she wanted the products to be something that all people could afford. She went straight to one of the world’s biggest chains, Wal-mart’s. They were sold on her idea and soon cleared off shelves for her line. Over 3000 Wal-mart stores started carrying Simply She’s products and in the first week alone the company took in over 2 million dollars. Now the company carries over 700 pet apparel and accessories. The business has also sold their products on QVC.

Along the way to her climb of success, she has also published books, note cards and journals. She has also started a kids line called Simply Wee. She also has a Simply Cat line. She is also pushing to start a green pet food and treats line. So her road to success is far from over. The only question is what is next?

She is no doubt one of the world’s millionaires, all because she had a dream and never wavered from it.

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