Jamie Oliver

James Trevor Oliver was born on 27 March 1975 in Essex, England. He is a celebrity chef, media personality and restaurateur. He is well known for his cookbooks and television shows. Recently, he made headlines when he campaigned against the use of processed food items in national schools. Jamie has been nicknamed the Naked Chef. Italian cuisine is his specialty although he is famous for other cuisines as well.

By the time Jamie was 31 years old, he had already sold over millions of copies of cookbooks. He had conquered the US market, appeared in a number of television shows, revolutionised school dinners in the United Kingdom and opened a restaurant. Jamie makes cooking cool and being the energetic man he is, his cookbooks are bestsellers around the world. His cooking shows are broadcast in more than 50 countries and he has also been titled the sexiest chef on TV. Some of Jamie’s diners include Prince Charles and British PM Tony Blair.

Jamie’s parents had a restaurant and this is from where his fascination for food comes.   After Jamie left school, he went to attend Westminster Catering College and to further his skills he travelled to France as well. When he returned to the UK, he got the job as a head pastry chef at The Neal Street Restaurant. He then worked at the River Café for three and a half years. Here, he received guidance from Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray which helped him fine-tune his skills.

Because he was a cheeky young chef, he was noticed by a number of production companies when he appeared in the background of a documentary. When the programme was broadcast, he received calls from different production companies who wanted to work with him. It was not late when he became a celebrity chef and revolutionised television cookery shows with his programme “The Naked Chef”.

Jamie is a down to earth person and this is the reason he has been able to win legions of fans. He has fans all over the world. Jamie is a chef who likes to take risks. Lately, he has set up Fifteen Foundation which is a charity organisation responsible for training unemployed young people to become professional chefs. He has put in millions of pounds to make this a success. A book as well as a TV series followed and these were huge successes too.

He has also been successful in convincing children to give up fast food which is not good for health. He has taken on the government and improved school meals to include healthy foods instead of processed meals. His mission was a success and steps were taken to improve the variety and quality of food offered in school.

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