Du Shuanghua

There are many different reasons that people find themselves in the millionaire or billionaire category. Sometimes they are just fortunate enough to be born already rich. Sometimes they inherit the money. But mostly they are self-made entrepreneurs. What sets entrepreneurs aside from the average person? They have determination. They are determined to make their dreams come true. They have faith, faith in their dreams and ideas. They have persistence. They know their ideas will work and they do not give up on them. They have belief in themselves and do not let anyone tell them they are crazy or it will not work. All of this is why a lot of entrepreneurs find them self in the category of worlds richest people. This is definitely the reason that Du Shuanghua is one of the world’s richest billionaires.

He was born and raised in China. He received most of his riches by being the founder of a steel company in China called Rizhao Steel Holding. This company did not take long to bring in the money.  If there was one thing that he knew it was steel and the business surrounding it.  He had an eye for business that set him apart from others in the trade.  That passion would one day make him the one of the richest men in the world.  He began the private enterprise in 2004 that would set him on his way to fortune in a country where private enterprises are not as common as in some countries.  China was getting serious about their steel production and wanted to compete with the rest of the world.  They needed dedicated men to make this happen.  He was more than happy to oblige.

He built his company in Rizhao in the province of Shandong.  This city beside the sea is located near the Eurasia continental bridge.  The product that gave him the edge was the H-beam.  But that was not all that he had to offer.  He also manufactured cold-rolled steel strips.  In addition he produced steel pipes and galvanized steel.  His company became one of the privileged companies that were first given permission to import iron ore and then export it as well.  Over time he managed to sign some very lucrative deals with some of the largest iron ore companies in the world.  In his 40’s he was in the position of Chairman of the Board.  The money was pouring in.

He proved to be very concerned about China and her people.  In 2008 when the big Wenchuan Earthquake occurred he donated almost 22 million dollars to the cause.  He tried to do it quietly but it gained much media exposure.  It was a huge amount of money and more than any private firm before him.  Recently he sold more than two thirds of his company to the Shandong Iron & Steel Group.  It was not what he wanted to do but it had to be.  It is not exactly known how much he sold the greater share of his company for but common sense tells us it was a lot.  He kept control of a third of the company.  Last year he was named the second riches guy in China with a reported net worth of somewhere around five billion dollars.  The future is uncertain for him but one thing is for sure he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

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