Declan Reddington

Declan Reddington (born 1973) is the managing director of AdConnection, a UK-based media planning agency. AdConnection does research on their clients needs and finds what their target markets read, watch and listen to, then advises them on a campaign of advertising and buys the ad space for them.

Founded in 2001 by 28 year old Declan Reddington, it has escalated into a £7m a year business realizing a 72% annual growth rate. It is expected to reach £11 million in sales by the end of 2008.

Declan Reddington was named one of the top ten sexiest entrepreneurs on May 9th 2008, by media site Real Business, placing 3rd.

His company is located in Wimbledon. London, UK and currently employs 14 people. Past and present clients include Eckoh Technologies, CD WOW!, kitchen retailer Mark Wilkinson and the furniture retailer Lombok. His managing partner is Catherine Becker.

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