Darren T Kimura

There are many stories out there about how people made their millions. They made good investments. They invented something that really worked and sold millions. Or maybe they just had a good idea that worked really well. But the best stories of how people made their millions are those that went from rags to riches. Those that worked their tails off to get where they wanted to be. Darren T. Kimura is one of these people. He started with nothing and is now worth millions. But he is not done yet. He feels like he has still yet to reach his full potential.

When he went from high school to college, he had to work three jobs just to pay his way through. So he has never been one afraid of hard work. Those work ethics have got him where he is today.

Before he could start his business, he had to some maturing. He got rid of his surfboard and his earrings and even tried to speak more professionally. He knew that in order to make it and be respected in the business world, he had to act and speak the part.

He started his first business out of the back seat of his car. He had to sell shoes to supplement his income. He had to finance his business completely with credit cards. Even though, today many people see he as a visionary, who has the ability to make his visions come true, years ago they seen him as crazy. Fourteen years ago, people were not into the environment as they are today, so it was harder to convince people that they needed his help then it is today.

The business that he started fourteen years ago was Energy Industries. A company that is E focused on efficiency and renewable energy solutions. They help commercial and industrial clients drastically reduce their energy consumption. The company has already made millions and is continuously growing and making more.

The company has grown from one employee to 90 dedicated employees. He has already expanded the business across the United States and into Asia and plans to push it even further across the globe. He believes that time is in the essence. That because it’s a global kind of business that they need to go as global as they possibly can. He has a business that is not going to go away. Energy conservation is here to stay.

The very first job made over 50,000 dollars and now the business is just a little below the 50 million mark in yearly gross revenues. But that is not enough for him. He wants to see it hit the two hundred million mark. He will get there no doubt. With energy prices on the rise all the time, everyone is looking for a way to cut back. He wants to be the one to help them.

He is no doubt a self-made millionaire, if he keeps going at this rate, he will most likely hit the billionaire mark before it is over.

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