Anne Pawsat-Dressler

There are many entrepreneurs in the world. Many of them have already made millions in their young lives.  These are millionaires that were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. These are people that worked hard to pursue their dreams and were very successful at what they did.  These are millionaires who have earned every cent that they have. Anne Pawsat-Dressler is one of them. She is the president and founder of the Hawaii Hideaways Inc.

She started out by attending Yale University. She graduated with very high honors. She received a bachelor’s degree in behavioral neuroscience. She then proceeded to head computer operations at  Morgan Stanley Dean Witter’s. Even with staying busy with work and side projects she still managed to travel all over the world. While traveling through places like Europe and Central America , she obtained an insight on travelers and what they prefer and what they are looking for in accommodations.

With this knowledge she headed to Hawaii. There it took her and her hand picked associates only a couple years to get together a company to line up homes for clients and be able to meet their special needs and wants. Her success comes from her ability to be able to match the perfect place to the perfect client. She started with a few clients that she had previously but it did not take her long to prove herself. People were hesitant at first to allow a young woman to handle their expensive houses, but they soon realized that she had what it took and she gained a huge reputation as the only agent in Hawaii that came hugely recommended. She soon built up an extensive inventory of  rental homes across Hawaii and became known as the person to go for to find a luxurious home.

The staff at Hawaii Hideaway is made up of only five employees. They not only provide luxurious homes but also added other extras that the client may be interested in.. They try and succeed in pleasing their customers no matter how bizarre the request is. This customer service is what awarded Anne the Condé Nast’s Villa Rental Specialist award in 2006 and 2007.  also in 2008, she was awarded the Conde Nast “World’s Top 50 Villa Rental Agents”. This award helped boost Hawaii Hideaways reputation and that is all that Anne Pawsat- Dressler is concerned about.

She says her success comes from always being available, always taking her calls and continuously being accountable for what she does. Some advice that she gives out is to always go after your dream and never give up. She also pushes for people to use the Web as a way of getting their business out there. Trust in the Web and it will work for you. She did and now she is one of the youngest millionaires in the United States.

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