Lorenzo Borghese

Lorenzo Borghese was Born June 9, 1972 in Milan, Italy to Prince Francesco Marco Luigi Costanzo Borghese and Amanda Leigh, an American citizen. He lived in Milan until 1977, when the family moved to Connecticut. There he attended local schools and eventually went to Winter Park, Florida, where he graduated from Rollins College. He later attended Fordham University in New York where he obtained his MBA.

Prince Lorenzo is only a Prince in name, the title his family carries dates back to when Pope Paul V in the 17th century bestowed the title of Prince and Princess on his ancestors. Pope Paul V was one of his ancestors and at that time a Pope could bestow a Papal title on anyone he felt worthy. Although the title does not grant the family any true royalty, the Borghese name is a well-known name in Italy. The family comes from considerable wealth, having their family crest displayed at St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as a museum, park and street named after the family.

His Grandmother, Princess Marcella Borghese, founded the Borghese cosmetics line in 1958. Her company, the Princess Marcella Borghese Cosmetics Line, eventually incorporated into cosmetics giant Revlon. In 1991, a group of Saudi Arabian investors bought the company.

In 1997, Lorenzo returned to Manhattan where he worked with his Father’s cosmetic company, GT Partners, a private label Italian cosmetics company. GT sells their line to major department stores.

In 2001, he founded the Royal Spa Treatment, a bath and body skin line for pets, after noticing his pet Black Labrador (Belle) had a skin reaction to other products currently on the market. His line of nearly 100 all natural luxury pet products are available in pet boutiques nationwide and the Home Shopping Network, as well as his website.

While the development and manufacturing of his Royal Treatment Spa products remain in Italy, he works out of his New Jersey office overseeing his cosmetics empire. He has a hands-on approach to his business, personally involving himself in every aspect of development of new products. In addition to his duties to his pet cosmetic company, he also is managing partner in his father’s company as well as executive vice-president of Multimedia Exposure (of which his brother is CEO) and the founder and president of nuzzleplanet.com, a social networking website dedicated to pet owners.

His association with his brother’s company MME, and his family’s background in the cosmetics industry has allowed Lorenzo the unique opportunity to manufacture and market a product line that, even though it is common, he was still able to create a niche market.

He gained fame and notoriety in the fall of 2006 when he starred in the 9th season of ABC’s popular reality show, the Bachelor. His appearance on the series gave him worldwide coverage making him easily recognizable to millions of fans as ‘Prince Lorenzo’. As a result of his appearance on The Bachelor, he also has made appearances on numerous television news programs and talk shows, such as Access Hollywood and Live with Regis and Kathy Lee.

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