Lin Rong San

There are a lot of people in this world who have had the good fortune to become millionaires or billionaires. These people have made their money in a lot of different ways. They may have been just born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They have made some good investments. Or maybe it was that great idea that they had for a product. Some have started businesses that took off like lightening and made them rich. And some have none several things to earn their riches. Lin Rong San is one of these people. This is probably the reason why he was named the seventh richest person in Taiwan.

So what makes him and other millionaires and billionaires different from other people? Why do they get rich and others do not. Because entrepreneurs like this one, have something different then the average person does. They have determination. They have persistence. And they have faith in their dreams. They have the ability to go out there and make their dreams a reality. They do what it takes to get things done. Entrepreneurs like this billionaire from Taiwan do not listen to the words, not possible, or your crazy. They believe in themselves and take that belief and run with it. Exactly what this entrepreneur from Taiwan did.

He came into this world in 1939. His family was living in Taipei.  He was a child destined to do great things. He began by producing vegetables and selling rice to make a living. But it did not take him long to move on to better and bigger things. He started generating property before he was thirty.

He founded the Union Bank of Taiwan. He still has holdings in the bank today.  He also published the Liberty Times and the Taipei Times. Both of these are newspapers that focus on the Pan-Blue coalition. This is a political alliance of the Republic of China. These were all very successful business ventures. He was soon known and recognized all over Taiwan and even into the United States.

He eventually found himself involved in the political side of life. He eventually became a legislator for Taiwan. He was an advisor for two past presidents. He also gave money to different foundations and actually started the Lin Rong-San Foundation of Culture and Social Welfare.

He is married and has 4 children. But what is most known about him is, today, at the age of 70, he is worth over one billion dollars. Definitely a pretty good chunk of money for a man that started out working selling vegetables and rice. Obviously he made a great choice when he decided to go into real estate.

Because if he had not went for his dreams, where would he be today. Maybe still selling vegetables, just getting by. Would he still have been happy, maybe, but he would not have filled his destiny or lived his dreams.

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