Glenn Dubin

Do you ever wonder how one becomes a billionaire? Especially someone who was not born into money? He made the billions all on his own or with a partner or two. Well, Glenn Dubin is one of those billionaires. He was not born rich. Nothing was handed to him.

He was born in 1957 in New York, New York. His father was a cab driver. Though they were not dirt poor, they were a long way from being rich.  He met his future business partner, at a very young age. In fact they were in kindergarten. They became best friends from day one and still are to this day. He went to Kennedy high school. Then him and his friend both went to SUNY Stony brook. After college they both ended up at the same firm. E.F Hutton.

They talked their boss into permitting them to create their own firm. This started their career, which would lead them to billions. The firm was one that would allow them to make investments on the behalf of their clients. After this they followed up with a fund for funds. Which would provide seed capitol for people like Paul Tudor Jones.  They had great success. They had a 65% return in 1987 and by 1992, they went out on their own with a 32 million capitol. They called the company Highbridge Capitol Management.

They continued to rake in the money over the years. In 2004, they sold a piece to J.P. Morgan Chase for 1.3 billion. But they continued to have a hand in the company. They now have roughly 21 billion under management. Dubin alone is worth 1.3 billion dollars, making him one of the richest people in the world.

He has several causes that he personally funds, one being the Robin Hood Foundation with Paul Tudor. Recipients of the group’s funds have to meet certain financial and operating benchmarks to continue receiving funding. He also sits on the board of Mount Sinai, for breast cancer. He was on the board of the Michael J. Fox Foundation, but as since stepped down. And his wife took his seat for him. He and Paul Tudor not only sit on the board together. They also are tennis partners. Tudor is worth twice as much as him, but they laugh about the fact that he can beat him on the courts.

A little personal information about him is that he has been married twice. His wife now is a former Miss Sweden and is a practicing doctor. They have three children together. He paid thirty million dollars for Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s old apartment. They also have a weekend house in North Salem that they spend a lot of time at as a family. So this billionaire definitely leads the good life. But why shouldn’t he. He earned every cent of the 1.3 billion he has.

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