Gary Goldberg

There are a lot more millionaires and billionaires in this world then you would ever think, hundreds upon hundreds of them. Even though it may hard for the average person to imagine that there are that many people who have more money then they will ever be able to spend, there are. These people have earned their money in so many ways. Investments, companies that they have started and some are just lucky enough to inherit it. But there are those who just get a brainstorm about some kind idea that they may have, they run with the idea and the next thing they know, they are raking in the money. Gary Goldberg is one of these people.

His idea came to him in the way of his young son. His little boy was repeatedly getting sick. After being taken to the hospital several times over a period of time, it was discovered that he had an allergy that had to do with dust mites. This put him on the road of studying to find out more about dust mites. He discovered that they are on all bedding and that a lot of people suffer from allergies because of them. So his idea was born for a company that would sell allergy barrier bedding products. He would not be the first company to come up with this idea, but all the other products that he checked out were not very comfortable or could they be washed. He found them to not be effective. After a lot of testing, he came up with a waterproof, breathable fabric. So in 2006 his company named Clean Brands was developed.

Their biggest customer is Jet Blue. They purchased pillow and blankets sets to use on their hundreds of flights a day. Another thing that he was able to do at Clean Brands was to create different products at different prices so that he is able to sell in places like Wal-Mart and other stores like that. The company was a huge success and he is now worth millions of dollars.

In all of his success and his wealth, he has managed to keep his modesty. He says that he will stop being concerned and looking for ways to better his company and for better ideas on his products. He has not gone out and spent lots of money on lavish things. He has not bought any homes or fancy cars or anything like that. He has bought himself a few nice guitars and that is it.

When asked if he had any advice for any other entrepreneurs, his answer was basically to not ever let anyone stop you from your dream. If you believe in your idea, then stay true to it. He says he heard it all when he first came up with his idea, people thought he was crazy, but look where he is at today. He is one of the world’s millionaires and he did it on his own.

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